Why Sink When You Can Sail with LOCATE and QuickBooks?


You should be excited about your business’ growth—not worried that your increased transactions will crash or corrupt your QuickBooks database.High-volume businesses can fill up their QuickBooks database in about a year or two. After that, processing speeds can dramatically decrease, there’s potential for crashing on sync, and you run a high risk of data corruption.

The problem isn’t with QuickBooks, it’s with your inventory software.

Most inventory management applications post to QuickBooks every time a transaction occurs, which bloats your database.

LOCATE revolutionizes the relationship between your business and QuickBooks with summarized transactions.

LOCATE has its own Ledger and Chart of Accounts modules that hold all of the detail of your accounting transactions. LOCATE then summarizes that data and sends one journal entry to QuickBooks, decreasing your database size by about 75%. This ensures that QuickBooks will perform optimally for years to come.

Learn more about LOCATE’s revolutionary accounting methods here.