Our Values


We’re on Your Team

Customer Success

We are here for you–to support you and give you the tools to succeed. You will never be transferred to a call center out of the country. We look forward to helping. It’s as simple as that.

Communication is Key

FBP Inc’s dedicated in-house support team is personally invested in your business’ success. Our goal is to support you in any capacity to ensure you surpass your customer’s expectations. You will always find someone eager to answer your phone calls, emails, faxes, and carrier pigeons.

Quick Problem Solving

At FBP Inc., every aspect of our business is in-house. This enables real-time problem solving that get solutions in a matter of hours vs. days or weeks.

Locally Sourced Innovation


In-House Development

Having in an in-house development team gives us the upper hand by allowing quick turnarounds on updates and feature additions. Locate is a living software— it is constantly evolving to better serve our customer’s individual needs with custom features that can be ready to use in a matter of days.


LOCATE was built by a team of developers who have been in your shoes. With backgrounds in inventory management, retail, eCommerce, accounting and more, our team knows what tools are needed to run your inventory business. From better visibility of your costs to more efficient workflow management, our team has taken the inventory management feature wishlist and made it a reality.