Pick, Pack, and Ship your Business to the Cloud.

No Internal Infrastructure (no IT)

The cost of running, updating, maintaining, and backing up an internal server can be extremely expensive. In most cases this requires hiring a full time IT specialist or using a third party consultant company. With SaaS based solutions you no longer have to worry about this added cost or stress.

Automatic Updates

Another major concern with updating your software manually while being responsible for your own data, is the fear of losing it in the process. Most companies hire professionals to take on the responsibility, and it usually comes at a hefty cost. Amazon stores your data on multiple redundant locations, ensuring that your data is safe while Locate updates itself.

Easier External Access

With the number of smartphones and tablets growing, the ability to access your businesses remotely has increased substantially. SaaS solutions have solved this problem allowing your business to travel with you. You can now have multiple stores, warehouses, or manufacturers without the complexity of remote connections and VPN’s.

Failover Protection

Part of the cost of running your own server is making sure it never goes down. What happens when it does? A good SaaS-based solution will automatically take care of that. If one server goes down another server is right behind it waiting to take on the work. This means no downtime for your business and one less thing to worry about each day.