LOCATE Reports

Over 130 stock reports = data at your disposal.

Extensive Library: Over 130 stock reports are already included with LOCATE, with more added regularly.
Pixel Perfect forms, labels, and more – customizable and designed for printing and sharing.
Barcoding: Maximize mobile efficiency and accuracy.
Profiles: Save multiple profiles with filters, display options and other parameters so you don’t have to re-enter them each time you run a report.
Multi-Select: Select many options (parts, customers, groups, etc.) at once from dropdown filters.
Custom Fields: Stock reports support custom fields, so you don’t need to customize reports to pull this data.
Export Formats: Export reports in the format you need (xlsx, pdf, csv, docx, and more).
Real Time Data: Access to the inventory ledger and accounting ledger allow for deep dive analysis at a moment’s notice.

Example Stock Reports


Invoice Margins

The Invoice Margins report provides a detailed view of all of the invoices that were issued during a specific date range. See each invoice with its line items, COGS, and margins.

Margin Summary

The Margin Summary gives the flexibility of breaking down sales and margins based on the data point that is most relevant to you. Choose from summarizing by Part, Part Group, Customer, Salesperson and more.

Total Sales by Salesperson

Though the Total Sales by Salesperson report is a simple one, it’s an important and powerful tool! See total sales values for each salesperson, with the option to choose whether you are reporting on the salesperson associated with the order or the default salesperson for each customer.

Cycle Count Statistics (Shown)

The Cycle Count Statistic report breaks down cycle counts by user to show status, parts, locations, and even accuracy of the cycle count!

And MANY More!

Order summaries, labels, order forms, statistics, etc. – and our reports department is always happy to work with you to create a custom report!

Contact LOCATE today to talk about your reporting needs.