Reports and your Business’s Success!


Reports are a vital part of your business’s success. LOCATE’s stock and custom reports support numerous powerful filter and report option functions.

Some key report functionality includes:
1. Multi-select: No need to keep running a report for one part at a time, the multi-select enables you to include more than one part number in the filter.

2. Custom drop-downs: Any field in LOCATE can be used in a dropdown single or multi-select filter, including custom fields.

3. Report Profiles: Each user can have specific parameter profiles for the same report. For example, if one user only needs columns A & B and parts 1 & 2, while another user only needs columns C & D and parts 3 & 4, they can run the same report with the filters they need by selecting their report profile.

Need your reports tailored to your specific needs?

We can customize existing reports to match your branding or add additional data important to you. Additionally, you can work with us to create completely custom reports with whatever data you need.

From custom fields to personalized forecasting, LOCATE’s data can be tailored to streamline your processes and fit your needs.

To learn more, contact us here.