QuickBooks Affiliate Program for LOCATE Users


We are excited to share that we have a new opportunity to offer a 50% discount QuickBooks exclusively for LOCATE clients!

While LOCATE manages your inventory, manufacturing, workflows, and orders, we rely on powerful accounting solutions like QuickBooks to run your finances. QuickBooks also helps with managing your invoices and expenses by using custom reminders and tracking features throughout its lifetime.

LOCATE’s revolutionary approach to accounting avoids the financial “file bloat” found in traditional inventory software by continuously summarizing your company’s transactions, and syncing only essential information with QuickBooks. This keeps your QuickBooks data lean and clean while LOCATE’s internal inventory ledger and comprehensive audit trails provide full financial visibility.

So whether you are a smaller business looking to get started with an accounting platform, or an enterprise-level company seeking an ERP-alternative, LOCATE and QuickBooks make a powerful pair!

We are happy to be able to offer you a discount on QuickBooks products and look forward to the opportunity to help your company grow!