Let LOCATE Help You

LOCATE eliminates these common pain-points users often experience with inventory software

reporting Problem 1: (Lack of) Reporting

With a robust library of reports, and powerful Amazon servers, you will have the capability of quickly extracting and analyzing large amounts of data. LOCATE also utilizes custom reports built by our in-house report writing team.

contactUs2Problem 2: Poor Customer Service/Technical Support

There are a variety of tools and resources to assist you as you navigate through LOCATE. Whether you prefer to reference the extensive documentation on our Wiki, correspond with a representative via email, or pick up the phone and talk about it, the LOCATE team is here to help.

upgradingHeadachesProblem 3: Upgrading Headaches

LOCATE is self-sufficient and will automatically update outside of business hours. There is no need to be concerned about missing out on new features. Plus, you don’t have to deal with the extensive downtime and unforeseen expenses that come with updating a traditional desktop program.

integrationsProblem 4: Integration

For most growing business, going online is a crucial step. eCommerce has become the key to making your products accessible and easy to order for new customers. Without proper integration with your inventory management system, this step can be costly and error prone. It’s important that the inventory system you choose not only integrates with multiple channels seamlessly, but that it can continue working when you aren’t.

mobileAccessProblem 5: Mobile Access

Whether it’s navigating the warehouse processing orders or circling the globe making sales, your team is constantly on the go.  Your inventory software needs to move with them; that’s why the LOCATE Warehouse app is included with your LOCATE subscription at no additional cost. Your team can check inventory levels and fulfill orders, from Receiving through Picking, Packing and Shipping, right from their mobile device.

scalablilyProblem 6: Scalability

One of the many benefits of a SaaS platform is the seemingly limitless storage capabilities. Coupled with continuously summarized accounting, LOCATE not only helps you grow, but also grows with you. This allows you to focus your time and energy on your company instead of worrying about whether or not your inventory management system can keep up.