Parts & Manufacturing

From raw goods to finished products, LOCATE has a solution for your needs.

Parts and Kits

Standard and Advanced Part Types: from basic inventory and services, to configurable bundles and collections.
Kitting: group components in light-manufactured or standard bundles.
Aliases: sell the same part under an alternate name and price.
Part Tracking and Serialization: track parts by expiration date, category, serial number and more.
Customer and Vendor Parts: establish unique pricing, part numbers and more based on the requirements of each vendor and customer.
Build and Deconstruct light-manufactured goods on the fly or as-needed during the fulfillment process.


Bill of Materials: create single-layer BOMs with multiple input and output parts.
Work Orders coordinate the execution of manufactured goods from pick to yield.
Manufacture Orders organize and orchestrate multiple manufacturing processes at once.
Outsourced Manufacturing automates third-party manufacturing steps while retaining full visibility and control of your inventory.
LOCATE’s manufacturing features also facilitate part tracking, multi-output yields, and batch manufacturing – plus detailed recall & audit visibility.

...and so much more!