LOCATE Inventory and Scale-Tec Collaboration



LOCATE Inventory and Scale-Tec Collaborate
on New Agricultural Technology


Orange County, California-based LOCATE Inventory, and Anamosa, Iowa and Galion, Ohio-based Scale-Tec, Ltd., have joined forces to collaborate on Scale-Tec’s new innovative scale display, POINTTM.

Utilizing LOCATE’s cloud-based API, POINT allows its users to collect and analyze real-time weight and mass data. And because of its cloud-based technology, users are able to digitally connect with Scale-Tec to view diagnostics and handle trouble-shooting issues in real time.

“It is very exciting to see that customers like Scale-Tec are using LOCATE to expand their potential,” said George Keliher, founder and CEO for LOCATE Inventory. “This is just the tip of the iceberg. The cloud opens up limitless possibilities for our clients in many industries, including farming and agriculture.”

“We are turning the page in the agriculture industry here at Scale-Tec,” added Scale-Tec President Nick Von Muenster. “Being able to offer a product that ties in manufacturing, warehousing, programming and sales of technology through API interface of cloud-based systems is a real game-changer.”

What LOCATE’s technology has done is it has made POINT easily configurable. When a user activates their scale product through LOCATE’s API interface technology, the configuration profile is sent to POINT through the cloud and is automatically calibrated for the user. Below are some additional features that LOCATE and Scale-Tec have collaborated on to develop:

  • POINT provides all the simplicity of a basic scale but it also comes with mobile apps that enhance its capabilities with the use of a smart-phone or tablet. POINT supports both Android and iOS (Apple) mobile apps for use as a remote display.
  • Advanced Bluetooth® capability also provides long-range connection capability of more than 1,000 feet. The advanced connectivity allows multiple tablets and smartphones to connect to the POINT scale display simultaneously for the sharing and displaying of weight data. POINT can also connect to other Bluetooth® wireless devices, such as an EID Tag reader, allowing animal identification to be read alongside the weight of the animal for record-keeping purposes.
  • POINT users can update their software through the cloud. Users receive a notification when a software update is available and they can quickly install the update through the mobile app.
  • POINT users are able to contact the Scale-Tec support team directly through the mobile app. The support team also has the capability of performing a remote support session with customers, allowing Scale-Tec’s support staff to virtually access the user’s POINT display and diagnose the entire scale system.

POINT is currently available to customers in the United States and Canada.

About LOCATE Inventory: LOCATE is an enterprise-level SaaS (Software as a Service) program for inventory and workflow management, which offers power and flexibility, while staying cost effective for businesses who are looking to grow. It also provides users the necessary bandwidth to remain on QuickBooks. The team behind LOCATE is a unique blend of industry veterans alongside young, tech-brilliant developers and innovators. This combination of talent enables us to create unparalleled products for the SMB market, while providing unmatched support from a solution-focused team.

About Scale-Tec: Headquartered in Anamosa, Iowa, with additional facilities in Galion, Ohio, Scale-Tec, Ltd. is a leader in innovation with scale application in the agricultural industry, striving to enhance precision agriculture and farming capabilities to existing equipment to ensure accuracy powers profitability. For more information, visit www.scale-tec.com.