LOCATE Partner Program

LOCATE Partner Program

We are excited to formally introduce the LOCATE Partner Program! We’re mixing the customer service you know and love with the knowledge and experience of industry experts to further enhance the LOCATE ecosystem. There are three tiers of partnership we are offering:


These partners want to help their customers get to the next level by referring them to LOCATE. Once the Reseller partner has qualified the candidate to ensure sure that LOCATE is a good fit, they’ll transfer the customer to the LOCATE team to coordinate a demo. LOCATE will guide the customer through the remainder of the sales process, including quoting for implementation and license pricing. Reseller partners will receive a commission based on user license pricing for the first 12 months of subscription billing.

Preferred Partners

Preferred Partners want to take the roll of Reseller to the next level by not only referring customers to LOCATE, but also providing additional supplementary services for all LOCATE customers. These services may include implementations, business consulting, custom reporting, and/or accounting expertise. Preferred Partners work closely with our team to help support LOCATE customers as their businesses grow.

Full-Service Preferred Partners

Further beyond Preferred Partners, Full-Service Preferred Partners have dedicated customers for whom they will provide full support into the future. These one-stop-shop partners are often involved in many areas of a customer’s business, and are fully versed in their unique challenges and strengths. We offer additional commission and compensation for these incredible, full-service partners.

If you’re interested in joining the team and becoming a LOCATE partner, submit the form on our Partner Page and we’ll be in touch.