Let LOCATE Stitch Up Your Heart & Heal Your Warehouse Woes

Feeling rejected & neglected?

Time to break up with your dated inventory software!


STITCH_HEARTIt’s a tough time of year, emotionally. You might be buying roses and chocolates and sending heart-eyed emojis….or you might find yourself suddenly solo, wondering what went wrong (but appreciating the extra padding in your wallet).

And we know the same thing happens in business. Sometimes during a reevaluation of the ROI, you have to make the decision to break up with a piece of software, or worse… YOU. GET. DUMPED. Imagine the panic when you’re left high and dry after getting snubbed by your software provider. And what if they don’t even have the decency to say, “it’s not you, it’s me” and let you move on? What if they push you out by raising prices, limiting features, and making disruptive changes that affect your business (and your bottom line).

Well, friends, good news: LOCATE Inventory is here to help stitch up that broken heart and help heal your inventory woes.

LOCATE makes the perfect companion to your product-based business! Here are some of the boxes we tick that’ll make you want to swipe right on our software:

We’re well-rounded: With LOCATE, you can manage your operations, purchasing, sales, parts, manufacturing, infrastructure, reporting, and more. A truly advanced inventory and warehouse management solution, with over 30 built-in integrations!
We’re flexible: We’ve brought customers onto LOCATE from nearly every industry and software stage: from electronics distributors using spreadsheets to skincare manufacturers using a legacy ERP – LOCATE has a workflow to help you thrive!
We’re tidy: Summarized accounting maximizes efficiency and minimizes bloat in your accounting software while an internal Ledger and Chart of Accounts keep detailed records in LOCATE to help you audit, reconcile, and grow. Bottom line: LOCATE keeps your books lean and clean.
We’re there for you, wherever and whenever: With robust mobile functionality, LOCATE is literally in the palm of your hand, making receiving, picking, and packing happen right where you are, when you need it.
We’re trustworthy: Founded by a team of accountants, consultants, and developers that have been in the business for over 10 years as inventory experts, LOCATE was built from the ground up right here in Southern California. You can trust that LOCATE is working for you the way inventory management software was meant to work.
We’re great listeners: With zero downtime, reliable phone and email customer support, and a team that is on YOUR team, LOCATE is here to help.
Your friends will approve: LOCATE is proud of our 100% customer retention and positive customer reviews. Our customers love us and recommend us to their friends.

So mend that broken heart and let LOCATE get your growing business back on track. You can always ‘cycle count’ on us!