The LOCATE Difference


No Data Cap

LOCATE can be simplified to work for a single warehouse only processing a few orders a day, or a fast-paced business with multiple warehouse sites processing hundreds of orders to their distributors, as well as retail customers, online and in stores. As your business grows your database grows, and your inventory solution should grow with it. There are no limitations to the amount of data you pick up along the way.

Summarized Accounting

An issue with current inventory/accounting integrations is that for every order there are credit(s) & debit(s) sent to accounting, as well as a shipping record. This can fill up an accounting databases within a year or two depending on how many orders a company is processing on a daily basis. Now, with LOCATE you can have all of your accounting information totaled and summarized on a daily basis, rather than an order basis.

Inventory + Workflow

Accurate inventory levels are crucial for running your business. But in order to make your operation efficient, your inventory management software needs to drive your workflow. With LOCATE, you leverage the power of inventory data, order prioritization, work assignments and a powerful rules engine that generates the best workflow plans for your current pipeline. No need to constantly run reports to figure out what your team can work on for the day – LOCATE has them efficiently processing orders from the moment they log in.

Dynamic Pick Plans

Picking capabilities in LOCATE are incredibly powerful and customizable. Picking can be done in waves by order, part, customer, or even line item. Pick plans are automatically generated to ensure oldest stock is picked first.

Robust Mobile Functionality

When a shipment arrives, your receiving department can quickly start scanning inventory into the system without ever needing to make their way to a keyboard. The same goes for your when orders are flowing in; items are picked *beep*, placed into a box *beep* and out the door without a trip to the computer.

Extensive API

A SaaS based solution is only as good as its ability to integrate with other software. For this reason LOCATE was written entirely as an API. This allows easy and robust integrations to all functions of the software and the ability to write custom user interfaces.