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Powerful Inventory Management for Shopify

Powerful Inventory Management for Shopify

Order Import

Orders are imported in real-time from Shopify and fulfilled through LOCATE. The import brings in discounts, taxes, carrier data and more.

Dynamic options allow you to choose how the order is imported:

Import each customer individually, or map to a single customer to reduce unnecessary data in LOCATE and your accounting software. Orders may be imported in an issued or unissued status.

Advanced workflow for drop-ship orders: remove shipping lines, discounts, and taxes to recalculate pricing and re-map the order.

E-Commerce + Inventory and Workflow

All available e-commerce integrations are included with your LOCATE subscription. Integrate multiple instances or channels, all at no additional cost. Integrations are easy to set up and manage directly through the LOCATE interface.

Each import and export can be turned off and on as needed, or set to run automatically at a scheduled interval. Various settings allow the integration be tailored to your company’s needs. Notifications are emailed to you immediately if a sync fails or encounters an issue.

Shipment Export

As each order is processed in LOCATE, Shopify will be updated with necessary shipping and tracking information. The integration will refresh the order’s status in Shopify and trigger shipping confirmation emails to e-commerce customers.

The shipping export also supports partial shipments and multiple packages/cartons per order.

Inventory Sync

LOCATE will sync available for sale inventory quantities to Shopify to promote accurate visibility of your eCommerce stock and avoid overselling.

Parts are dynamically flagged for sync when their inventory quantities change, which reduces load on the server and keeps inventory up to date faster!

Part Export

Avoid dual data entry by exporting parts and part details from LOCATE to Shopify. Map part name, number, description, pricing, and images.

Includes support for product variants.


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