Pick, Pack, Shippo!

 LOCATE and Shippo integrate seamlessly to streamline your order fulfillment process.

Rate Shop

Estimate shipping cost directly from a sales order! Users can quickly rate shop with Shippo and add a shipping charge line to their sales order in LOCATE before begining the fulfillment process.

Return with Ease

Purchase return labels with Shippo in LOCATE’s return order module. These labels can be emailed to your customer to ease the return process, but your account won’t be charged until they are scanned.

Purchase Shipping

Purchase shipping labels directly from LOCATE’s packing and shipping modules, with options to create commercial invoices or print labels & other necessary documents upon acquisition.

All pertinent carton details are passed from LOCATE to Shippo  (size, weght, etc.)  and the purchased labels will be attached to the corresponding pack or shipment.