Automate your workflow with LOCATE’s 3rd party integrations

All of the integrations below are included with your subscription!


The following integrations were built in-house by the LOCATE development team

Third-Party Integrations

The following companies have integrated with LOCATE using our open, RESTful API


Inventory Planner

Optimize your cash flow and reclaim your time with an inventory forecast based on sales trends and vendor lead time. Easily see what, how much, and when to order with Inventory Planner’s data-driven forecast.


Easy Insight

Easy Insight provides easy to use, affordable business intelligence to get the most out of your LOCATE Inventory. Take advantage of prebuilt dashboards covering all aspects of LOCATE, create custom reports, and combine data with your e-commerce, shipping, and accounting systems.



Cymbio proudly serves as the technological bridge between brands and over 600+ retailers, marketplaces and department stores. We fully automate all marketplace and drop-ship operations from beginning-to-end; accelerating digital sales growth and exposing brands to a global retail ecosystem.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? LOCATE customers can connect to additional platforms like Salesforce, eBay, and more through Zapier or other channel aggregators.