February Release Notes


February was a great month filled with a lot of growth. Here are the main improvements made to LOCATE:

CSV Exports

The Status field now filters down based on the type of export being performed, and will only display the statuses that apply.


Email templates may now be associated to specific customers or vendors to send emails to multiple email addresses.

Send email in LOCATE from your Gmail account


Discounts by Order Report – This report shows the total amount of line item and order level discounts on all sales orders within a given date range.

Fulfilled Orders by Customer Report – Shows all fulfilled orders in a given date range, grouped by customer.

Part Fulfillment by Customer Report – This report shows all parts that were fulfilled within a given date range as grouped by customer.

Service Integrations

Schedule synchronizations now include a status option, to allow the user to temporarily disable the synchronization.

Work Orders

Work order records may now be unissued and cloned.

Work order output lines may be edited after issuance (and before completion) of the order.


Cartons may now be picked up in groups listed by carrier.


Advanced Barcode Setting now available to allow LOCATE to translate alternative location names when scanning barcodes.