LOCATE’s February Newsletter

An Ode to You

Roses are red, violets are flowers,
LOCATE’s wonderful clients
give our software superpowers!

You report bugs and glitches,
while your humor leaves us in stitches.
We appreciate your feature requests,
to implement them is always our quest.

For Valentines Day, we’d just like to say:
Thank you for all that you do,
we LOVE growing with you!



LOCATE (& Our Clients) in The News!

11 Entrepreneurs Reveal the Tech Tools They Can’t Live Without

GettyImages-1190099876For product-based businesses, managing inventory can be a tremendous challenge. A growing number of cloud-based inventory management solutions have come on the market to help businesses improve data analytics and reporting, customer service, operational workflows, scalability and other common retail issues. Jonathan Boos, CEO of men’s accessory retailer Würkin Stiffs, recommends a software called LOCATE, which the company has used to integrate and streamline its order management, sales channels and fulfillment operations. “It has given us our most valuable commodity back: time,” said Boos. “We are now growing the Würkin Stiffs brand quicker and stronger with LOCATE. It has been an instant game-changer for our company.” Continue reading via The US Chamber of Commerce 

Inventory Management: An A to Z Guide

Inventory-Management-section-4-700x545Barcode inventory management represents the first generation of innovation in keeping track of items in warehouses. Barcodes are those familiar black-and-white tags on products that are scanned in places like grocery and clothing stores. “They afford warehouse staff significantly more accuracy and speed compared to outdated methods involving sight, pen, and paper,” says Nick Schiffelbein, CTO at LOCATE Inventory. Schiffelbein explains that barcodes really help in the picking process, where warehouse staff must find products to fulfill customer orders. This is because the barcode system mitigates human errors stemming from sight-based selection. Instead of an employee trying to determine whether they’ve found the right product, they can simply scan it to confirm. “This is especially useful for newer employees who aren’t sure where products are located and aren’t familiar with what products or packaging looks like,” Schiffelbein says. Continue reading via Jotform

Exciting Changes in 2020 – New Year, New CEO

ZackLOCATE Inventory, a Southern California-based technology company that is disrupting the ERP industry with its revolutionary, cloud-based inventory and order management software application, has elevated Zack Schiffelbein to the role of chief executive officer. He takes over for George Keliher, who will now head LOCATE’s board of directors. “This is an incredible opportunity and I’m thankful to George and our entire team,” said Schiffelbein. “As more and more businesses pivot away from traditional brick-and-mortar retail toward mobile, digital and e-commerce, there’s going to be an even greater need for LOCATE’s inventory management software solution. I’m excited for the road ahead and the chance to lead our incredibly talented team.”
“I have the utmost confidence in Zack and it just felt like the right time to step aside,” added Keliher. “I’ve seen him grow and I know LOCATE won’t miss a beat with Zack leading the way.” Continue reading on Business Wire

Coming Soon!

Version 1.8.0 is coming to you in March

Here are a few new features to keep an eye out for…

1. Quote Stages: Customize your quoting process with Stages! Quotes will now start in an Open status, and your company can customize which stages they’ll go though before being Won, Lost, or Voided.

2. Sales Order Channels: This feature assigns channels to sales orders for better traceability of where orders are coming from. Most shopping carts can now pull in orders from other sources, so it’s important to know which orders are actually from the shopping cart itself vs. being pulled in from other platforms like Amazon or eBay.

3. Return Order Merge: Similar to the functionality found on SOs and POs, you’ll soon be able to merge return orders as well.

…and many, many more!


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