Key Features



Wave Picking: Customize your process – pick by order, or wave pick by customer or part

Pick Plans allow you to maximize inventory turn and pick path

Pickfaces: Activate Pickface sites to set and replenish thresholds

Packing and Shipping: Detailed packing and shipping modules capture types and quantities per container, whether boxing and/or palletizing your shipments

Auto-Pack: Customizable auto-packing options speed up workflow

Mobile App: Included mobile warehouse app increases efficiency through barcoding and fast access to warehouse operations

Use Orders help track internal use of parts, checking out of inventory for trade shows, and giving away products without affecting margins

Supply Chain Management coordinates warehouse replenishment



Vendor Sites: Keep track of vendor warehouse inventory and order fulfillment through the use of vendor sites

Multi-Currency: Purchase in multiple currencies, with exchange rates that are updated hourly

Reorder Points: Set reorder levels on parts and auto-generate resupply purchase orders  

Reconciliation: Advanced reconciliation features such as landed cost (by qty, cost, volume, weight, or even custom factors) ensure correct asset valuation

Dropship: Support for dropship workflows

Vendor Parts:  Set unique part numbers, prices and UOMs for each vendor



Quotes: Separate quoting and sales modules keep prospective and placed orders organized

Reservations: Inventory reservations with optional expiration dates prevent inventory from selling out before you close the deal

Alerts: Set alerts for customer credit limits, order specific alerts, or send operation-based alerts to the warehouse

One-Click cloning, returning, and auto-fulfillment processes

Bird’s-Eye View: Real-time visibility of order fulfillment with tracking data and operational details

Custom Pricing: Support for pricing lists, pricing rules, dynamic fees/discounts

Margins: Real-time margin estimates update as the order is built 



Bi-Directional Syncing puts accounting data exactly where you need it

Summarized Accounting maximizes efficiency and minimizes bloat in your accounting software. Meanwhile, an internal Ledger and Chart of Accounts keep detailed records in LOCATE to help you audit, reconcile, and grow

Account Mapping: Set default and object-specific account mappings on payment terms, parts, and more

Seamless Accounting Workflows for prepayment invoicing and fulfillment, credit limit enforcements, QuickBooks class & Xero tracking category support, and more

Configurable Invoicing Methods allow customers to be billed by order, by shipment, by carton, monthly, etc.



Standard and Advanced Part Types from basic inventory and services, to configurable bundles and collections

Kitting: group components in light-manufactured or standard bundles  

Aliases: Sell the same part under an alternate name and price

Part Tracking and Serialization: Track parts by expiration date, category, serial number and more.

Customer and Vendor Parts: establish unique pricing, part numbers and more based on the requirements of each vendor and customer. 

Build and Deconstruct light-manufactured goods on the fly or as-needed during the fulfillment process.

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Bill of Materials: create single-layer BOMs with multiple input and output parts

Work Orders coordinate the execution of manufactured goods from pick to yield 

Manufacture Orders organize and orchestrate multiple manufacturing processes at once

Outsourced Manufacturing automates third-party manufacturing steps while retaining full visibility and control of your inventory

Also Supports: part tracking, multi-output yields, batch manufacturing, detailed recall and audit visibility



Protected: Six way written, three way replicated, and continuously backed up data (along with daily database snapshots) ensure your data is always safe and readily available

Balanced: Load-balanced application servers are prepared for the ebbs and flows of application usage

Encrypted in-transit and at rest to keep your data secure at all times

Monitored: Continuous performance monitoring and error notifications help our team prevent problems before they occur

Extensive API: RESTful API access to all application functions paves the way for large-scale customizations.



Extensive Library: Over 100 stock reports are already included with LOCATE, with more added regularly.

Pixel Perfect forms, labels, and more – customizable and designed for printing and sharing.

Barcoding: Maximize mobile efficiency and accuracy

ProfilesSave multiple profiles with filters, display options and other parameters so you don’t have to re-enter them each time you run a report.

Multi-Select: Select many options on dropdown filters

Custom Fields: Stock reports support custom fields, so you don’t need to customize reports to pull this data.

Export Formats: Export reports in the format you need (xlsx, pdf, csv, docx, and more)

Real Time Data: Access to the inventory ledger and accounting ledger allow for deep dive analysis at a moment’s notice.



Dynamic Workflows streamline the steps taken during all order fulfillment processes

Merge orders, vendors, and customers

Custom Fields, Reports, Notes and Documents can be linked to all orders and operational documents

In-Depth Audit Trails are accessible for all objects in real time

Permissions: Granular access control lists and permissions allow for default and object specific privileges

Print and Email Reports: Automated print (requires an integrated printing service) and email events to maximize productivity

Floating Licenses allow users to work where they are needed most

24 hour Support: Phone and email support is available around the clock to make sure you get the answers you need

30+ included integrations. See a full list of LOCATE’s integrations here