Busy Season Tip: Sales Order Dashboard Report

Busy Season Tip: Sales Order Dashboard Report

The Sales Order Dashboard report gives you a bird’s eye view of your sales orders to ensure that everything is on track. There are a variety of ways to run the report to extract the data you need, but here are a few of our favorites:

End of Day Report

Running an end-of-day style report can show you all of the orders that were issued that day, or perhaps over the weekend, and the current status of each line item.

  1. Open the Reports Module.
  2. In the navigation panel on the left, search for “Sales Order Dashboard”.
  3. Click on the report and you should be directed to the Report Run sub-tab.
    • Img1
  4. Report Parameters:
    • Start Date and End Date: Select the date range to display on the report.
    • Date Filter: Choose Date Issued. This filter controls the the type of date used for the “Start Date” and “End Date” parameters.
    • Sales Order Status: Choose “Issued”.
  5. Display Options:
    • Click to open the Display Options section.
    • Format As Single Page: If you’d like to see the report divided by individual pages, select No. If you prefer a continuous single-page format, select Yes.
    • Click Run Report, or Click Run As PDF to open in a new window.
    • Img3

Picking Hiccups

Do you see lines that are still Ready to Pick? Perhaps the parts are or no longer available or the pick needs to be reassigned. Quickly get to the bottom of it by using the report filters to show the line status “Ready to Pick”. This will give you any sales order lines that haven’t been picked and the current part quantity available to pick.

Sales Orders by Customer

Perhaps you have VIP customers which require more frequent monitoring. Simply use the customer or customer group filters to narrow down your results and review the current status of each order line. This puts you a step ahead so you can adjust your fulfillment plan accordingly.

For a full list of reports available in LOCATE, check out our Wiki page.