Busy Season Tip: Priority Fulfillment Site

Busy Season Tip: Priority Fulfillment Site

If your company fulfills orders from multiple sites (or warehouses), you can use LOCATE’s Priority Fulfillment Site feature to automatically assign individual line items to be fulfilled at the site of your choosing.

How does it work?

LOCATE will scan the order’s destination and check the inventory at each prioritized site until it finds one with sufficient inventory. You may setup a priority site fulfillment list for country divisions (ie states) and/or countries. The priority sites for the country division will take precedence over the country sites.

This feature is automatically applied to orders as they are imported from eCommerce websites. It may also be manually flagged on sales orders entered into LOCATE by checking “Auto Determine”.

Site Fulfillment 3

If there is not enough inventory available at any site, the item will simply be assigned to the first priority site and be flagged as out of stock.

Let’s run through some examples before we get into setup.



Case #1 | Distribute orders based on region

Scenario: Kylie’s Kites distributes their inventory across three sites – Atlantic Warehouse, Pacific Warehouse and Central Warehouse. They save time and money if orders are fulfilled out of the site closest to the order’s destination.

Goal: Kites being shipped to a West Coast address should be fulfilled from the Pacific Warehouse, East Coast orders should be assigned to the Atlantic Warehouse, and Midwest orders to the Central Warehouse.

Solution: Kylie’s Kites will prioritize which site should fulfill orders for each country division (or state). If desired, they can assign 2nd and 3rd priority sites, which would be used if the preferred site does not have sufficient inventory to fulfill that item. This way, LOCATE will assign the order line to the closest site with available inventory.

Order Destination – Arizona

Arizona’s Priority Sites:

  1. Pacific Warehouse
  2. Central Warehouse
  3. Atlantic Warehouse
Order Destination – New York

New York’s Priority Sites:

  1. Atlantic Warehouse
  2. Central Warehouse
  3. Pacific Warehouse

Case #2 | Distribute orders based on inventory levels

Scenario: Susan’s Surfboards has two sites in the United States: a Public Gallery site which maintains stock of 5-10 of each board style at all times, and a Backup Stock site which holds the remaining inventory.

Goal: Orders should be fulfilled from Backup Stock whenever possible to maintain inventory in the Public Gallery site.

Solution: Susan’s Surfboards will set the priority site order for an entire country to first fulfill from Backup Stock, then Public Gallery. That way, the Public Gallery will only fulfill orders if the stock is insufficient in the Backup Stock site.

Order Destination – United States

United States Priority Sites:

  1. Backup Stock
  2. Public Warehouse

Setup Priority Fulfillment Sites

  1. Open the Setup menu and select Countries.
    • Site Fulfillment 1
  2. Use the column sorting or filters to find the country for which you would like to apply site fulfillment.
  3. To set country-wide priority sites, click onto the Site Fulfillment sub-tab.
  4. Enter the name of the site and click Add Site.
  5. Reorder the site priority by dragging and dropping.
  6. When you’re done, click Save Priority.
    • site fulfillment 1.5
  7. To set country-division (state) level priority sites, click onto the Details sub-tab on the country profile page.
  8. Scroll down to the Country Divisions section and find the specific country division.
  9. Open the Edit drop-down menu to the right and select Manage Site Fulfillment.
  10. Enter the name of the site and click Add Site.
  11. Reorder the site priority by clicking and dragging.
  12. When you’re done, click “Save Priority.”
    • Site fulfillment 2
    • priority site ffulfillment

It’s that simple!

Automatically assign the appropriate site to each sales order line in LOCATE based on your company’s priorities – another busy season tip from our team to yours.

Happy fulfilling!