LOCATE Inventory and Scale-Tec Collaboration

  LOCATE Inventory and Scale-Tec Collaborate on New Agricultural Technology   Orange County, California-based LOCATE Inventory, and Anamosa, Iowa and Galion, Ohio-based Scale-Tec, Ltd., have joined forces to collaborate on Scale-Tec’s new innovative scale display, POINTTM. Utilizing LOCATE’s cloud-based API, POINT allows its users to collect and analyze real-time weight and mass data. And because of its cloud-based technology, users

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Sales Reporting for Inventory

    Sales Reporting in LOCATE Whether your business sells toys, clothing, or machinery, it’s important that sales figures are easily accessible and transparent. When analyzing your sales in LOCATE, you have a variety of options for reviewing your sales for the month, depending on how you want to splice the data. When evaluating sales at the

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Why Business Application Performance Matters

When shopping for software, most people focus on functionality almost exclusively. They ask questions like: Does your program support (this feature)? How do you handle (this process)? Does your program integrate with (this service)? This makes sense in the context of the people purchasing the software; they’re typically business owners, operations managers, warehouse managers, accountants,

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