April Round Up


Below are the exciting changes made to LOCATE throughout the month of April!

Custom Fields
-Window header updated to display “Sales Order Line Settings” when editing custom fields to make it clearer to the user.
-Users may now define the character limit for textbox/textarea type custom fields.

Fees and Discounts
-Unlocked order, customer, and customer group fields for use in sales order line level fees & discounts.

-Additional optimizations to increase efficiency and performance.

-Drop-ship items are now invoiced upon fulfillment of the associated purchase order to prevent the creation of invoices for items which turn out to be out of stock for that vendor.

-Improvements made to the Move action in the Pack Module to increase intuitiveness.
-New field added for Shipping Cost.

-New advance search button available in the Parts module list view.
-Configurable part components may now be edited and deleted individually after being added to the sales order.
-New option to “Dropship when short” for parts.

-The fulfillable icon has changed to display different colors based on fulfillment plan.

Purchase Orders
-Update made to the prioritization of applying cost to purchase orders generated by the Auto PO function.

-Reconciliations may now be performed manually in addition to by order.

-The flag for items that have been returned has been added to the Invoice report, as well as the return reason.

Sales Orders
-Users may now view the quantity available for sale of configurable part components when adding the configurable part to the sales order.
-The customer’s purchase order number may now be edited after the sales order has been issued.
-The components of configurable parts will now have an icon displayed on the line item when there is a quantity available to deconstruct.
-Deconstructable quantities have been added to the part configurator.
-Orders may now be merged.

-NEW BigCommerce integration.
-All shipping integrations will now only pull cartons which have been completed in LOCATE.
-Sync messages added for QuickBooks online.
-A new custom field has been added for the Magento service to correspond to the Gift Message available in Magento.
-Services now have Audit functionality.
-New service setting for all eCommerce integrations to designate whether or not new customers should be tax exempt upon creation in LOCATE.

Use Orders
-Initial phases of exposing more information on use order items, including tracking information.
-Parts with tracking may now be used on use orders.
-Reasons may now be added to use orders.

-Last purchase price for a vendor has been deprecated and the more efficient and reliable part site last cost will continue to be used instead.
-Vendors may now be assigned a default carrier and carrier service level to automatically populate on the purchase order.