Our Story

Prior to writing LOCATE, our team built a successful consulting business for inventory-based companies. This gave us firsthand insight into the unique inventory and accounting needs of businesses in this space. Over the years, we saw the pain points our clients experienced on their current inventory platforms – we felt them, too! Our services helped extend the functionality of our clients’ existing software, but there was only so much we could do as third-party providers.


In an effort to help our clients succeed, we started looking for alternative inventory management solutions. That’s when we discovered the root of our client’s frustrations. Software companies were either focused on small businesses or the enterprise-level market; midsize businesses were being ignored and underserved. There was a large gap in the market for companies who wanted to continue growing without moving to a complex and costly ERP system. So, relying on our 10+ years of hands-on experience, we proceeded to build LOCATE – a groundbreaking solution designed to bring enterprise-level features into the mid-market.

Our Team From A-Z

The team behind LOCATE is a unique blend of industry veterans alongside young, tech-brilliant developers and innovators. This combination of talent enables us to create unparalleled products for the SMB market, while providing unmatched support from a solution-focused team.
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Alfonso Alfaro //
Report Developer

Alfonso joined the LOCATE team in 2018 as a Software Developer and Report Writer. Alfonso spends most of his time at LOCATE writing reports and finding better business solutions for our clients using data. When he isn't developing, he is reading, learning new programming languages, playing soccer, or traveling to spend time with his family.

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Andrew Cole //
API Developer

Andrew’s ability to learn new skills and development languages quickly has allowed him to adapt to various challenges and take on new opportunities.

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Annie Terry //
Chief Business Officer

After almost 13 years at Intuit leading programs for QuickBooks and the Intuit Developer Group, Annie has joined the LOCATE Inventory team. At LOCATE, she'll drive business development, strategic partnerships and the partner program. When not at work, you'll find her chatting it up (preferably over cheeseburgers and a glass of wine), about her chickens or new pup Walter.

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George Keliher //
Chairman of the Board

George has been involved in the making and stocking of parts for over 30 years, both as an entrepreneur and as a small business consultant, specializing in inventory management. To George, LOCATE is a company of the future, where the generations of Boomers and Millenniums come together to enhance each other’s abilities and perspectives. George is having so much fun with this company, his retirement plans have been delayed for a few years. In the meantime, he keeps up by inline skating and paddle boarding regularly.

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Jake Schiffelbein //
VP of Sales

After building a very successful Integrations department, Jake is now overseeing LOCATE's growth as VP of Sales. His background in technology provides the necessary skills to help businesses find better inventory solutions, but his true passion is making lasting, personal connections with our customers.

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Jonathan Hatlee//
Customer Success

Jonathan spent the majority of his career in call center management and banking. For the past five years, he has been behind the wheel of operations for eCommerce and warehousing companies, including two years as an independent LOCATE Implementer. Now, Jonathan has officially joined the LOCATE team as a support representative. After work, you can find him cooking delicious food from around the world, walking his dog Cleo, or somewhere in the mountains photographing the stars.

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Krista Roles //
Sales & Admin

Having over 10 years of customer service and office experience, Krista assists Jake with customer relations to ensure the sales process goes smoothly from start to finish. When asked to describe her idea of a perfect date, she'd have to say April 25th. Because it's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket.

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Kylie Schiffelbein //
UI Developer

Kylie loves the supportive environment of LOCATE, which has empowered her to learn challenging yet rewarding skills. Her favorite part of UI development is that it is both creative and technical, tapping into both sides of the brain. Kylie is an avid surfer and snacker who is always up for a glass of wine and some smelly cheese!

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Michelle Perkins //
VP of Finance

Michelle has developed and managed numerous customer service and financial management departments across a wide array of industries. In 2019, she joined the LOCATE team to help streamline and energize the accounting department. When she isn't working on her personal memoir, Michelle is inventing new ways to keep her 26 pound cat at 26 pounds, and plays water polo for the Darkside.

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Nick Schiffelbein //

Nick is part of our esteemed Research and Development team here at LOCATE. He’s currently working on new, innovative products and services to be released in this coming year; but if he told you any more have to kill you you spoil the surprise! He enjoys the creative freedom this position offers, which allows him to pursue new avenues in the field he is most passionate about: computer science.

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Zack Schiffelbein //

Zack enjoys the challenge of solving complex business problems with technology. When Zack isn’t coding, he is driving down PCH in his Lotus Elise, off-roading in “Rex,” his Jeep Wrangler, or being mistaken for Jake.

Our Values

We’re on Your Team

Customer Success

We are here for you–to support you and give you the tools to succeed. You will never be transferred to a call center. We look forward to helping you, it’s as simple as that.

Communication is Key

LOCATE’s dedicated in-house support team is personally invested in your business’ success. Our goal is to support you in any capacity to ensure you surpass your customer’s expectations. You will always find someone eager to answer your phone calls, emails, faxes, and carrier pigeons.

Quick Problem Solving

At LOCATE, every aspect of our business is in-house, and our whole team works together to support our clients. This enables real-time problem solving that provides solutions in a matter of hours vs. days or weeks.

Locally Sourced Innovation


In-House Development

Having in an in-house development team gives us the upper hand by allowing quick turnarounds on updates and feature additions. LOCATE is a living software— it is constantly evolving to better serve our customer’s individual needs with custom features that can be ready to use in a matter of days.

diamondIndustry Experts

LOCATE was built by a team of developers who have been in your shoes. With backgrounds in inventory management, retail, eCommerce, accounting and more, our team knows what tools are needed to run your inventory business. From better visibility of your costs to more efficient workflow management, our team has taken the inventory management feature wishlist and made it a reality.

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